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What is VSL# Fibre?

VSL# Fibre is a unique food supplement that is high in fibre, helping to maintain a healthy bowel and facilitate intestinal transit. It combines three natural ingredients designed to gently relieve the symptoms of constipation, replenish the gut microbiota, and naturally restore a healthy toilet routine.

Did you know that...

1 in 7 otherwise healthy people suffer from constipation!


Constipation is characterised by difficulty or infrequency in opening your bowels. You may be suffering from constipation if you:
- Open your bowels less than 3 times per week
- Pass large and dry, hard or lumpy stools
- Regularly strain or are in pain when passing a stool

This may be accompanied by feeling bloated or sick.

Why choose VSL# Fibre?


Psyllium husk provides natural relief from constipation


30 BILLION CFU of live bacteria replenishes the gut microbiome


VSL# Fibre symbiotic restores a natural and healthy toilet routine

How to take VSL# Fibre

Unlike VSL#3, VSL# Fibre does NOT need to be kept refrigerated. VSL# Fibre comes in a convenient, lightweight T-Win® sachet, that can easily slot into your daily routine. Just fold the T-Win pack through the middle, tear the top off, mix both chambers into a 200ml glass of water, and drink immediately for a delicious, refreshingly fruity drink.

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VSL# Fibre (Probiotic & Fibre)

3 x 10 pack of sachets

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VSL#3 Concentrated Probiotic

1 x 10 pack of sachets


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