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VSL#3 – What Is It And Its Role To Gut Health

VSL#3 is a food supplement with live freeze-dried bacteria that feed the good bugs in your gut. The human body has trillions of bacteria, both good and bad which live inside the digestive system. Their role is to help you digest the food and work all over your body to aid your gut health. Digestion involves a complex process that your body carries out to convert the food your eat into nutrients which will then be absorbed into the bloodstream and carried into each cell of your body.

Bacteria in your body perform essential functions for the body’s survival. It is however important to ensure that your body receives enough probiotics to maintain a good balance between the good and bad bacteria. Researchers are exploring the role gut bacteria play in human health and how they impact other functions of the body.

What Makes VSL#3 Stand Out?

Scientific research confirms that VSL#3 has the highest volume of bacteria per dose amongst the leading brands and contains a wide variety of bacterial strains to help maintain a healthy digestive system and help maintain a good gut health. VSL# 3 is the world’s most concentrated poly-biotic delivering 450 billion good bacteria across 8 different strains in every sachet. Each of the different strains has been specifically selected and then freeze-dried so they will survive the harsh conditions of the stomach. This allows them to reach and colonise the gut, where help maintain a healthy digestive system. Many of our loyal customers have made VSL#3 an essential addition to their lifestyle alongside healthy eating and exercise. They consider it as a product that not only supports their gut health but also their overall wellness.

VSL#3 does NOT contain any soy, gluten, lactose, colourings, flavourings or milk products. It’s simple to take and perfect for a busy lifestyle.

Start your VSL#3 journey today and make it a part of your healthy lifestyle.

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