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About VSL#3

VSL#3® is one of the world’s most concentrated poly-biotics. This high-concentration probiotic keeps your gut healthy and supports your wellbeing.

Scientific research confirms that VSL#3® probiotic is proven to reach the gut alive. Each sachet contains 450 BILLION CFU of live bacteria across 8 diverse bacterial strains promoting a healthy gut microbiome and digestive system.

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About VSL# Fibre

Do you suffer from constipation? If so, you’re not alone. 1 in 7 otherwise healthy people in the UK also struggle with constipation, yet nobody seems to want to talk about it! Well we’re here to change that!

VSL# Fibre is a new and unique food supplement, containing Psyllium Husk, live cultures and Hibiscus Extract, specifically designed to help people with recurrent constipation.

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Gut Health in Overall Wellbeing

The Importance Of Gut Health In Overall Wellbeing

Gut health, Gut microbiome, Probiotics. We all have heard those terms but how well do we understand what they mean? Find out what gut health is, how it affects your wellbeing and what you can do to improve it.

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