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Helps to maintain a healthy bowel and facilitate intestinal transit.

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NEW! VSL# Fibre

VSL# Fibre is a unique food supplement that is high in fibre, helping to maintain a healthy bowel and facilitate intestinal transit. It combines three natural ingredients designed to gently relieve the symptoms of constipation, replenish the gut microbiota, and naturally restore a healthy toilet routine:

- Psyllium husk: a highly effective, soluble fibre bulking agent, with prebiotic potential ¹
- Live Cultures: 30 Billion CFU across 8 different bacterial strains
- Hibiscus Extract: a natural herbal extract packed with antioxidant polyphenols ²

This unique combination of ingredients provides a natural, effective solution for constipation, a problem that impacts 1 in 7 otherwise healthy people in the UK³. So, if you struggle with constipation, you are certainly not alone.

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Why VSL# Fibre

High in Fibre

Helps maintain a healthy bowel and facilitates intestinal transit

Easy to use and conveniently fits in with your daily routine

Free from lactose, dairy, soy, gluten etc.


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