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What is VSL#3

VSL#3 is the world’s most concentrated poly-biotic. VSL#3 contains more bacterial strains per dose than any leading brand. This helps maintain good gut health and can support your wellbeing. VSL#3 works by delivering high levels of live bacteria across 8 different strains to your gut, where it helps to support the microbiome to keep your digestive system healthy.

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Scientific research has confirmed that VSL#3 contains the highest volume of bacteria per dose amongst leading brands, and contains a wide variety of bacterial strains to promote a healthy digestive system and maintain good gut health.

The VSL#3 range:

1 month* pack
Three packs of 10 sachets.
Ambient (room temperature) delivery that can fit through a standard UK letter box.
No signature required.
*Based on 1 sachet taken a day

Custom order
One pack contains 10 sachets of VSL#3. Create your own personalised order of up
to 20 packs.
Premium chill-box delivery.
Delivered on a day convenient for you (next day delivery available).
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Due to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) rulings regarding the use of the terminology "probiotic", we now refer to VSL#3 as a poly-biotic which highlights its combination of 8 different strains and 450 billion bacteria.


January 2019